Sample Growth Engine Blueprint

Tailored for your business. Built for growth.

The #1 problem of online businesses is growth, scaling. Making your dream a full-time living.

This is both a simpler and more complex problem than you think. The solution is data-based planning – and we have the Blueprint you need for that.

With dozens of marketing tactics, hundreds of sofware and uncountable approaches, allocating your budget with the lowest risk can only be done with insight.

That insight is exactly what a Growth Engine Blueprint can give you: months of detailed action plans to set on the right path to scaling your business.

Have a look inside our “ “Epic” Growth Engine Blueprint” and see for yourself if your business might benefit from our action plan!

open the sample blueprint

This sample contains all 7 main chapters of our Epic Blueprint in 136 pages:

  • On-Site SEO Analysis
  • Off-Site SEO & Backlink Profile Analysis
  • Organic Traffic & Content Performance Analysis
  • User Journey & Sales Funnel Analysis
  • Detailed Competitor Analysis
  • Content Gap Analysis
  • Action Plan

Our purpose is to show you exactly how a Blueprint looks like. It represents our “Epic” Blueprint, which is created in the duration of 3 weeks by 4 of our experts.

It contains components from Blueprints that were previously presented to our clients, therefore client and brand names, many keywords and other confidential information has been removed from both the text and images.

It is the help you need to decide better if it would be valuable for your company or not.

let me have a look

136 pages of pure epic business development.

This is what the Blueprint looks like from a bird’s eye view. Saying that it contains everything that you need for the next months of planning and executing is a modest undestatement at this point.

It includes a very detailed analysis of your…

  • Existing processes,
  • Channels where you acquire visitors and customers,
  • Content, keywords and rankings, to uncover your organic potential,
  • Competitors’ funnels, tools and strategies, to give you ideas, entry points and what we call “unfair advantages”.

With the Content Gap Analysis, you will know…

  • Which keywords to target – low-hanging fruits which enable you to rank on the first page of Google,
  • How to create content that is valuable for your customer,
  • Exactly what topics and titles you should use,
  • And how to outrank your competitors.

A method that gives you…

  • A data-driven strategy,
  • A content calendar with in-depth SEO research,
  • An ultra-targeted publishing and promotion strategy,
  • And the framework for continuously testing, fine-tuning and evaluating all that.

And this is just a fraction of the information included about your business opportunities.

What receiving the Blueprint feels like...


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