27 Ways to Make Shopping Cart Abandonment Your Friend

(And Increase Your Revenue)

Why are customers leaving your site without paying?

Why do they put items in a cart if they won’t purchase at the end?


These are good questions, but not the best ones. Because we know the reasons fairly well – unexpected costs, too few payment options, lack of trust and so on.

The question you should be asking is this: how can you turn this into an advantage?


“27 Ways to Make Shopping Cart Abandonment Your Friend” (this pretty ebook below) will help you find your answers.

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In this ebook, you will learn about:

  • How you should be communicating your prices and shipping,
  • How can you streamline your check-out process,
  • What payment options you should include at the very last step,
  • How you should create cart abandonment emails,
  • How to use user-generated content,

And dozens of other trick, tips and proven methods that you can start implementing right away.

You can even learn about how the “Paradox of Choice” may affect your sales in the minds of your customers… 

So, time to stop worrying and start to love cart abandonment.

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Cart abandonment is not a problem. It may very well be your greatest opportunity...

Abandonment rates are the same for your competitors. If you start optimizing processes, your site, marketing strategy, even by implementing small things, you can jump ahead of them by bringing cart abandoners back.


Basically: you get free revenue by convincing someone to make a purchase who already started the customer journey.


The only remaining question is: where can we send your copy?