Generate 5X Revenue for Your eCommerce Business in 12 Months (Without Paying for Ads)

A Blueprint tailored for your store, engineered for growth.

Why do online stores with active marketing fail to reach enough customers?

The answer is simple. The solution is not. It’s data-based planning and research.

You can increase your sales 5X in a single year, without pouring your budget into expensive ad campaigns. And I will tell you how.

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How does this work?


This is what our clients say:


CanadaHair - 612% revenue increase in 18 months.

Ceo & Founder
Sam Conan

“In spring 2017 we didn’t really know how we should get more customers in our store. Then we started using the Growth Academy. We found out we weren’t getting organic traffic because or pages weren’t ranking in Google. Our email open rates were low because most of our subscribers were inactive.

”We stalked our competitors and found out what were they doing better. We tested different channels and methods and increased our organic traffic by 1275%.

And the growth remains steady. We are converting more of our leads, which lead to our revenue increasing to 612% of what it was before.”



Do you really know where your growth drains away?

Find Out Which Channels Work for Your Company Exactly.

Win Back Your Leads from Your Competitors.

Actionable, Step-by-Step Guide to Supercharge Your Growth.

And use them like your customers.
It’s not too late to be a market leader...
12 months of detailed plans, tailored for your store.

Lead-generating breakthrough in 5 months - with organic traffic.

organic traffic

At AionHill, an e-commerce development company, generating the right leads meant the greatest problem.

With Growth academy, we found a solution. We started creating in-depth, 5000+ word skyscraper articles based on extensive SEO research.

We reached out to experts, promoted the articles by answering niche questions in Quora and started a backlink building strategy.

Organic traffic directed to the site grew by 1207% in the first 5 months.

The previous 38 backlinks 12 months later became 386, many from high-authority sites.

By this time the site also ranked in the top 10 with 27 pages for very important queries like “magento pricing “.

And after 12 months (and many more closed deals) the first enterprise-level client found the company organically, leading to a $211,000 closed deal.

During this period, content creation and distribution brought in 242 leads.


The Growth Blueprint will provide you...

Know the Real Potential of Your Business

A very detailed analysis of your

  • Existing processes,
  • Channels where you acquire visitors and customers,
  • Content, keywords and rankings, to uncover your organic potential,
  • Competitors’ funnels, tools and strategies, to give you ideas, entry points and what we call “unfair advantages”.:

These are the building blocks of any long-term strategy.

The Growth Blueprint will tell you exactly in which areas are you doing better than your competitors and where you have an opportunity for boosting your channels.

You will get an in-depth technical, SEO and content analysis and a step-by-step 12 months action plan, based on reliable hard data.


Attract Leads Without Paying for Ads

Your existing content might be good. But it can be better.

If you are not receiving organic traffic and you have to pay for advertising, there is tremendous room for improvement.

With an actionable Content Gap Analysis (that is included in the Growth Blueprint), you will know

  • Which keywords to target – low-hanging fruits which enable you to rank on the first page of Google,
  • How to create content that is valuable for your customer,
  • Exactly what topics and titles you should use,
  • And how to outrank your competitors.

All you need is a plan, based on data, executed by experts.


Long-Term Solution for Stepping Up Your Marketing

A method that works only once is no solution.

On the long-term, you can take back your leads from rival brands – and create a brand of your own that your customers love and trust.

That is possible if you

  • Have the data-driven strategy,
  • Have a content calendar with in-depth SEO research,
  • Create an ultra-targeted publishing and promotion strategy,
  • And continuously test, fine-tune and evaluate all that.

That is the recipe for truly supercharging your inbound marketing and saving years of work for your team.


Take a look inside the Growth Blueprint!

Yes, we have a sample for you. Just click the link, and it will take you to the Doc file!

You can also have a look at a Competitor Analysis sample - we want you to know what can you expect of us.


Let’s talk

Book a 30-minute call and let’s see if the Blueprint is a match for your business. This is what will happen:

  • We will look at your store and give you an initial analysis of your site and opportunities.
  • We give you some in-depth insight on your business.
  • We give you a very short presentation about the Blueprint and the process behind it.

When do you want to talk?


Who will be in the call?

Istvan Nyari


Driving growth by failing an awful lot of times the smart way.

Loves to work with underdogs, these partnerships tend to provide the most exciting challenges, the most valuable lessons and the sweetest of success.

Gabor Imre

SEO & Content Strategist

A perfectionist who thinks good ranking content needs more than a professional copywriter.

Keyword & competitor analysis needs investment of time to yield results. There is no “satisfactory” content for him: it’s a skyscraper or nothing.

Daniel Benyo

Senior Copywriter

There is no growth without value. There is no value without content.

With 15+ years of experience in writing and 6+ years in inbound marketing, he is dedicated to building systems that bring audience, leads and revenue to every kind of digital business.



What will I get?

A detailed action plan that for at least 12 months that can transform your company and significantly increase your online sales. For details please check the goals and features section of this document.

What form will it be delivered?

You will receive a Google Drive folder access that contains around 30 sheets of organized competitor and SEO data. A written document around 40-60 pages with all features.

Is there an example blueprint I can check before I make my decision?

Yes, of course! Click here to download the document.

How can I make my order?

Drop us an email to [email protected] and we will send you back all the necessary information.

Do you have discounts?

We do! If you help us by giving an honest video feedback about our service that we can use publicly than we give you 500USD discount on any of our services.

In what terms can I activate your satisfaction guarantee?

There are no hidden terms! Simply write us in 3 workdays after the presentation that you are not satisfied with the result, and we will return your down payment and you don’t have to pay the rest of the fees.