Generate 5X Revenue for Your Online Business in 12 Months (Without Paying for Ads)

A Blueprint tailored for your store, engineered for growth.

Sometimes even the hardest working teams fail.

But not because the lack of determination or even skill.

The #1 problem of online businesses in the US is growth. Scaling without too big of a risk of failure.

The risks more often than not lie in three main reasons:

  • Not measuring the the right numbers.
  • Trying to attract customers without providing true value.
  • Not fine-tuning their strategy.

You are most likely a founder, chief officer or maketer of a middle-sized online business, and I just described your challanges. I have two pieces of good news.

  1. Your competitors are facing the same problems even in this very moment.
  2. You might have a chance to find a solution for all of these at the end of this page.

What receiving the Blueprint feels like...


[Case study] CanadaHair - 612% revenue increase in 18 months.

Ceo & Founder
Sam Conan
revenue increase

“In spring 2017, we didn’t really know how we should get more customers in our store. Then we started working with ROI Foundry.

Thanks to the Growth Blueprint, we found out we weren’t getting organic traffic because or pages weren’t ranking well in Google. Our email open rates were low because most of our subscribers were inactive.

Following the Blueprint’s action plan, we stalked our competitors and found out what were they doing better. We tested different channels and methods, and increased our organic traffic by 1275%.

And the growth remains steady. We are converting more leads, which lead to a 612% revenue increase in the first 18 months!”



The Real Potential of Your Business

A very detailed analysis of your…

  • Existing processes,
  • Channels where you acquire visitors and customers,
  • Content, keywords and rankings, to uncover your organic potential,
  • Competitors’ funnels, tools and strategies, to give you ideas, entry points and what we call “unfair advantages”.

These are the building blocks of any long-term strategy.

The Growth Blueprint will tell you exactly in which areas are you doing better than your competitors and where you have an opportunity for boosting your channels.

You will get an in-depth technical, SEO and content analysis and a step-by-step 12 months action plan, based on reliable hard data.

A method that works only once is no solution. Create an ultra-targeted publishing and promotion strategy, and continuously test, fine-tune and evaluate all that.

That is the recipe for truly supercharging your inbound marketing and saving years of work for your team.


Take a look inside the Growth Blueprint!

Yes, we have a sample for you. Just click the link, and it will take you to the Doc file!

You can also have a look at a Competitor Analysis sample - we want you to know what can you expect of us.


Choose a Blueprint that fits your needs...

Pick a plan that suits you best and we will be in touch right away to kick-start your growth.


For up-and-coming businesses bent on market domination on a limited budget.

  • Search potential analysis: so you won’t have to pay for traffic forever. We will tell you exactly what keywords to target to get organic traffic.
  • Organic traffic & keyword analysis to know what you rank for.
  • Content performance analysis: telling you what works on your site and what doesn’t.
  • Comes with a detailed 1-month action plan

This Blueprint will help you lay the foundations of authority and organic performance of your site.

Delivered in 2 weeks.

$2000 USD

With money-back guarantee all the way

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For established businesses with a loyal customer base, with growth and scaling in mind.


  • Off-site SEO analysis of your backlink profile.
  • On-site SEO analysis: uncovering technical issues, errors, and speed bumps.
  • Content gap analysis that tells you exactly what keywords to target and topics to aim at.
  • User journey and sales funnel analysis: we look at how your customers see you and you can achieve better conversion with action points in UX, copywriting, automation and more.
  • Comes with a detailed 6-month action plan.

This Blueprint will uncover what is slowing your growth and how you can best allocate your budget to increase profits.

Delivered in 3 weeks.

$4500 USD

With money-back guarantee all the way

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If you want us to be your personal growth hacking team and blow up your profits.


  • Competitor analysis: detailed research of your 5-10 closest competitors with at least 400 data points to work with.
  • Business competitor and market analysis: we look at messaging, pricing and strategy on your market and tell you what you can swipe and steal to gain an advantage.
  • Structure & content optimization: dozens of action points telling you exactly how you can improve your existing content and site structure and rank better on the result pages.
  • Comes with a detailed 12-month action plan.
  • Includes 10 hours of consultation.

Delivered in 4 weeks.

$8000 USD

With money-back guarantee all the way

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You just want to learn about competitors, or have your backlink profile analyzed? Assemble the Blueprint your business needs!

Get elements of our Blueprint as out-of-the-box solutions like:

  • SEO Schematic: find out about your ranking keywords, traffic sources and the content gap in your market.
  • Marketing Schematic: learn how your customers see and use your site, and how you can make it better with copywriting, UX, development and more.
  • Competitor Schematic: detailed research of your 5-10 closest competitors with at least 400 data points to work with.
  • Backlink Schematic: a thorough analysis of your backlink profile, complete with content gap and suggestions on content development.

If you are looking for guidance, you can also get consultations with our experts.

from $700 USD

With money-back guarantee all the way

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Istvan Nyari


Driving growth by failing an awful lot of times the smart way.

Loves to work with underdogs, these partnerships tend to provide the most exciting challenges, the most valuable lessons and the sweetest of success.

Gabor Imre

SEO & Content Strategist

A perfectionist who thinks good ranking content needs more than a professional copywriter.

Keyword & competitor analysis needs investment of time to yield results. There is no “satisfactory” content for him: it’s a skyscraper or nothing.

Daniel Benyo

Senior Copywriter

There is no growth without value. There is no value without content.

With 15+ years of experience in writing and 6+ years in inbound marketing, he is dedicated to building systems that bring audience, leads and revenue to every kind of digital business.



How can I order a Blueprint?

Either click on one of the buttons above, below the package descriptions, or drop us an email at [email protected]. We will be in contact with you in email in a few hours.

Do you have any discounts?

Depending on the Blueprint you choose, you may ask for set discounts, e.g. in exchange for an honest video testimonial or ordering withing a given time frame after your first enquire. For more information, please drop an email at [email protected].

How does the money back guarantee work?

This works with all our Blueprints: after the presentation you have 3 workdays to decide if you want to use our findings, or if you want your money back. There are no hidden terms: if you are not satisfied, we will return your down payment and you don’t have to pay the rest of the fees.

What will I get?

Based on the type you choose, a detailed analysis of your site, business processes and marketing, and a detailed action plan that for 1-12 months that can transform your company and significantly increase your online sales.

How will I receive the Blueprint?

You will receive a Google Drive folder access that contains around 30 sheets of organized competitor and SEO data. A written document will be included which will explain all our finding in detail in 60-130 pages.

Is there a sample Blueprint I can check before I make a decision?

Of course! Click here to access the document right away. We want you to know what you should expect, and hold us accountable.

How much time will it take to create the Bluprint?

Depending on which package you chose, 4 of our experts will create and present it to you in 1-4 weeks.

Can I talk to your references?

Please, do so! Send us an email and we will give you tge contact information to our clients who already trusted us with creating their Blueprints. Never believe a marketer. Believe their clients.

How can I implement the findings?

You are free the use the data, findings and document as you choose, including hiring our team as consultants or implementers on a monthly basis.